View Full Version : pass values from form to check-tree.js

26 Apr 2011, 9:11 AM
Hi All,

I need a little help... I am using the example tree file... check-tree.html

I added a form with 1 field... called item....

<form action="mphtml.php" method="post" name="form">
<input name="item" type="text">
<input name="" type="submit" value="Submit" >

I am trying to pass that value back to check-tree.js

and ultimately pass it to the dataUrl: 'mp.php?item='+ item,

mp.php is a database query that builds out my json format file...

Everything works great is I hard code the values ont eh check-tree.js... ie

item = "632215",
dataUrl: 'mp.php?item='+ item,

The value gets passed and the tree displays...

I am having trouble passing the value to the check-tree.js file....

Normally I would pass the value... via php... not sure here...

Any help would be appreciated...