View Full Version : [B3] Adv. StatusBar

20 Apr 2011, 10:06 AM
There are 3 issues I have found:

1) Explained here in this thread: http://bit.ly/geCxfN

2) Once validated and the form has been submitted, it's says saving form then form saved and gets cleared after the default time. Once that happens, it appears the status bar is no longer active. If you try and click save again, it just masks the form but doesn't display any text in the status bar.

3) After a successful submit and the status bar is cleared if you try and re-validate by removing the text and then entering text to make the green check mark come back, it seems to randomly increase the height of the status bar.

25 Apr 2011, 9:28 PM
Has anyone confirmed these bugs?

28 Apr 2011, 12:14 PM
Issues #2 and #3 still remain as of 4.0.0

20 May 2011, 1:19 PM
The issues still remain as of 4.0.1