View Full Version : Help with Custom Column on GridView

18 Apr 2011, 2:48 PM
I am looking to implement a callout like functionality on a row of a grid of results. My spec is detailed in the oppExDesired.jpg and my current implementation is in a column show in oppExCurrent.jpg

So, my questions are

1. When I remove the column I am using to render the callout and try to attach to the column to the left I cannot get rendering of the embedded div within the grid cell or paint outside the bounds of the grid or the column for that matter. Any ideas on how I could make it do so which would solve my problem? Note: I have messed with z-index on the css and have not had any luck.

2. If I cannot make the callout render, any suggestions on how to extend the grid to achieve my objectives?

3. Any suggestions in general on how to approach this spec using the grid view?


Kevin Clark