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6 Apr 2011, 11:02 AM
Can any body just me a good book for EXT JS Which explains how to integrate ext js with java?I am really in need of this.My project is fully based on EXT js and java.So please help.If you can tell me where in web i can look for EXT js with JAVA example.It will be of great help to me..

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6 Apr 2011, 11:47 AM
ExtJs is language agnostic, in regards to the serverside. All ExtJs components typically expect a JSON (or XML) response from the serverside, where these same components can submit JSON, XML or standard form data to the server side.

How ExtJs will interact with your Java application depends upon the architecture of your app.

I personally use the Spring Framework, where version 3.0.x has a native JSON View backed by the Jackson JSON Mapper. In my case, I have annotated Controller classes with RequestMappings applied to individual methods, something like this:

public class CityController



private CityService service;


public @ResponseBody List<City> list()

return this.service.findAll();


Here's an ExtJs JsonStore which calls/loads the list of Cities via the RequestMapping above:

var storeCityList = new Ext.data.JsonStore({

autoLoad: true,

idProperty: 'cityId',
restful: true, // forces a GET rather than a POST, for efficiency.
url: 'city/list.action',
fields: [{name: 'cityId', type: 'int'}, 'city']

Obviously, there's a lot of infrastructure stuff you aren't seeing here, but this example is mainly intended to tweak your curiosity about the Spring Framework and surrounding technologies.