View Full Version : [OPEN-EXTJSIV-259] Ext.Layer, Ext.Shadow, Ext.util.Floating not creating shadow

29 Mar 2011, 11:37 AM
Any attempt to create a shadow on a floating object is not working.
The fact that the code is commented out in Ext.Layer makes me think this broke at some point and hasn't been fixed yet....

// if(config.shadow){
// me.shadowOffset = config.shadowOffset || 4;
// me.shadow = new Ext.Shadow({
// offset : me.shadowOffset,
// mode : config.shadow
// });
// }else{
me.shadowOffset = 0;
// }

Trying to create a Ext.Shadow directly isn't working either (which is probably why this is commented out).
It is also supposed to be possible to create a shadow using the Ext.util.Floating mixin, but the line that is supposed to enable the shadow is commented out as well:

* Makes this the active Component by showing its shadow, or deactivates it by hiding its shadow. This method also
* fires the {@link #activate} or {@link #deactivate} event depending on which action occurred. This method is
* called internally by {@link Ext.ZIndexManager}.
* @param {Boolean} active True to activate the Component, false to deactivate it (defaults to false)
setActive: function(active) {
if (active) {
if (!this.maximized) {
this.fireEvent('activate', this);
} else {
this.fireEvent('deactivate', this);

If there is some way to create a shadow on a floatable object that I'm not aware of, or I'm not calling it correctly, please let me know.

Looking forward to seeing this work, as it's something we are happy to let Ext do for us! Figuring out how to have a cross-browser shadow is not something we want to deal with ourselves...


Jamie Avins
29 Mar 2011, 5:01 PM
This is not implemented in PR5 but will be in a forthcoming release.

29 Mar 2011, 8:51 PM
OK, good to know.

If there are other cases of unimplemented features, perhaps those could be listed in the release notes, or (even better) as part of the API doc? I spent more than a couple of hours trying to figure out why the shadows weren't working.