View Full Version : program alt behavior for iOS

29 Mar 2011, 5:41 AM
I don't know how OT this is but I know you guys really know programming for iOS so I thought I would try.

I have a pretty simple js popout.

working example on web:

this works perfect:

http://pro-tools-training.com/new-magen ... arder.html

add to cart > go to cart page > click paypal button


but on my iphone no checkout buttons are visible in the popup (attached). I think it is being cut off and a sizing issue.

and I have been told iOS canít show the vertical scroll bar for the textarea.

Is there an easy way to address this? (like with CSS conditional statements or something??)

if(Browser.platform.name == "ios") {
htmlTag.addClass("mobile ios"); // Two classes

(of course that is only an example)

or is it a really complicated endeavor to make it work on iOS?