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28 Mar 2011, 7:34 AM

I'm fairly new here, and spent some time last week on the site and reading forum posts so please forgive me if this has been asked in the past.

I would appreciate to get feedback from existing users if you feel ExtJS is almost meant for a fairly large enterprise LOB projects or are the meant for smaller types of projects with a few screens and entities.

In our case we have like 200 entities, 100's of screens and I'm curious to hear from existing users if such an application makes sense for ExtJS. I'm interested in comments on performance, maintainability, security etc.

I fully understand that this is a very broad question and it also fully depends on how the app is developed, but I'm more after a general sense if the framework has been designed with the above in mind.

Thanks in advance
Shloma Baum

28 Mar 2011, 8:25 AM
One caveat:

For commercial licensing (if you don't want to open source your software), there is a "community support" option and a gold-plated commercial support option that costs a lot more.

My own experience with the community support is questionable. I posted a question last week about getting two column charts to work at a basic level (http://www.sencha.com/forum/showthread.php?127806-Two-column-bar-chart&p=583604#post583604); I also emailed a forum contact at Sencha and was told my question would be escalated to a developer. What I had tried then was to try to copy the example, and it didn't work well enough to display actual columns.

Now I am having a similar development experience trying to get the stateful array grid example (http://dev.sencha.com/deploy/dev/examples/grid/array-grid.html) to work. I haven't posted a forum question yet, but my best effort now is lacking styling and does not seem to have interactive effects working.

So far I'm zero for two after trying to duplicate the functionality in a demo, and I'm zero for one on getting community support for my two-column bar chart attempt.

28 Mar 2011, 6:16 PM
Hi again baumsh!, i'm the guy who posted the designer screenshot...

About this question... well i'm currently working on an application that have like 450 tables right now, i don't have the count of the screenshots and this still growing up but for us it make sense using ExtJS also we tried to switch to other third party controls (very popular for ASP.NET) but i prefer to leave that story apart.

The designer i posted is part of a framework that i'm currently working on... i'm very satisfied with the model i proposed with the framework because it let you reuse lookup windows, master data and detail grids (that are loaded dinamically), edit forms, etc., and i do not setup comboboxes with remote data unless they have local data like (Yes = 1, No = 0), instead i created a LookupField form control that is a special combobox but you don't setup the store manually and also it has the feature to show a popup browser window where is a grid to select the data, so you can reuse this lookup window wherever you want and it just be setup once.

Also with the metadata we save like 60% of the code that was written before because controls for every property of an entity is created automatically and also datastore fields are configured with just one line of server side code and you already know the layout is created dynamically too.

In this thread "How to structure Application" (http://www.sencha.com/forum/showthread.php?84287-How-to-Structure-Application) i posted this:

Since 2007 i started creating a folder per business entity lets say the domain model have Customers, Products, Invoices, etc., so basically you have to create a list (gridPanel to display the records), an edit form (to edit the a record) and a master page where you will have the navigation menu to call this pages, so in my firsts projects i started creating just one javascript per business entity like customer.js, and that file contained the grid and a form displayed inside an Ext.Window...

So the structure was something like following:

The javascript files are in the same folder that php files.

|_customer.php (include customer.js)
|_product.php (include product.js)
|_invoice.php (include invoice.js)

But, then when the projects required more features i realize i needed to separate the things a little because i wanted to reuse the forms and list and add another things, without making things more complex.

The "thing" that i said above is a page called by a LookupField right now is an extended combobox because in big projects comboboxes can costs to much in development. (But that is another topic)

So, now the structure looks like this:
|_edit.php (include edit.js)
|_list.php (include list.js)
|_lookup.php (include lookup.js)
|_list.php (include list.js)
|_edit.php (include edit.js)
|_lookup.php (include lookup.js)
|_list.php (include list.js)
|_edit.php (include edit.js)
|_lookup.php (include lookup.js)

The main reason why is better to have it separated is because when you're working on teams you're not blocking a file that someone else may needed at the same time to work in something that you are not modifying... and is easy to call a page to display a list not related to the current entity, form, or lookup list from every where and plug-in in other windows, and so things will be loading when they are needing.

Now the other thing that i have to do is to group those folders in a folder per module... lets say version 3

My simple advice is: Don't mix things too much (i use files that includes helper or overrides functions that i reuse in almost all javascripts files) when you will need to reuse apart, and use a convention name for almost everything that you can, and if you do it like this, don't panic when the numbers of folders grow to much (in my case 300) because that separation will save you a lot of time, and choose a structure that you will be confortable with...

Hope it helps! About security, if you are thinking to create or already have a model based on access and actions (granular security) count on me.

The reason i didn't answer yet to your previous thread is because i've been wondering how i could change they way i'm using the designer but now that you are insterested in a complete solution, maybe we can share emails...

I hope you find this information useful according to what you are asking... and you can email me to: [email protected]

22 Apr 2011, 10:01 AM
Hi Greivin,

I've replied to you via email, but I've not received a reply from you, so I wanted to make sure that the email didn't fall into your spam folder, looking forward to your response, thank you.