View Full Version : Issues with EXT and MVC 3 Razor View engine?

24 Mar 2011, 11:18 AM

In another thread (referenced below) the subject of using EXT with the new Razor view engine came up. I've been using the combination for over a month now with no issues until a tree that renders in FF does not render in IE (details in the thread).

So, just to rule this out: does anyone know of any issues of using EXT (3.3.2 in this case) with the new MVC 3 Razor view engine? This engine was presented as an alternative to .aspx pages in the latest version of MVC.

Thank you!

Referenced thread:

25 Mar 2011, 6:38 AM
Ok, something strange was up yesterday. Today the tree loads. I must have needed a cache refresh or a local server reboot or something. But no matter what I tried yesterday the tree would not load with IE. Today it does. I'm going to consider it an issue with the environment and move on. Thank you!