View Full Version : Mobile Safari freezes by using sencha touch

24 Mar 2011, 4:27 AM
I've done a small sencha touch project and tested it on mobile safari from iOS 4.3.
I use the Sencha touch v 1.0.1a.
I've done a website to download a provisioning file, so it's possible to install a self written app on en iphone without the appstore. It works without problems until i click on the link for the provisioning file. Then it switches to the install page in the iphone settings to install this file. when I open the mobile safari after that, It isn't possible to do anything, it's freezed.
Now I have to open the task manager and close there the mobile safari. after that, it works again.
Does anyone know this problem?
Here is my programmcode, but without the provisioning file.
Thank you