View Full Version : Ext HTML Editor question

20 Mar 2011, 4:11 PM
I am using the HTMLEditor for adding descriptions to some items into the database. Everything works perfect, but I do have one question regarding the editor.

Is it possible to stop converting HTML special char codes to the actual special char? I have several descriptions that contain ° " ™ ® Ü &plusm;. Either loaded from database or pasted into the HTML Source editor, they are being converted to " ... And possibly all others behave the same. I would like to have them saved that same way without conversion without me having to go through a replace list.

Also one other thing I have noticed is that in the HTML tags all ' characters are converted to ".

E.G.: I manually saved in DB the field containing "<p style='text-align: justify;'>". When opened in the editor the code is changed to "<p style="text-align: justify;">". Any way to stop this behaviour ? I want to have no " marks in my code, since i should have only ' used on html code and the rest converted to &quot;

Thank you for your help.