View Full Version : [PR4] Portal issues IE7 and FF

16 Mar 2011, 11:54 AM
I'm seeing quite a few issues with the portal example in PR4 in IE and FF.

1) When rendering or collapsing panels in IE all of the panels will at times overlap one another, then re-layout correctly. *see attached image - portal_pr4_ie7.PNG

2) In FF and IE when I collapse/expand the panels in the first column the width of the panel changes and leaves a portion of the panel's right-side momentarily when expanding. *see attached image - portal_pr4_2_ie7.PNG

3) IE's collapsed panel does not get the rounded corner styling on the bottom of the collapsed panel the same as I see in FF. It is squared off.

4) In both IE and FF moving portlets between columns or even allowing it to just repair takes some 4 seconds in IE and about 1 second in FF.

5) In IE I closed out the middle panel and went to drag Portlet 2 into the middle column and got a stack overflow error (sorry, did not write down the number prior to trying to reproduce this). Could not reproduce the error a second time.

IE used: 7.0.5730.13CO
FF used: 3.6.13