View Full Version : Setting height of Porlets in Portal Demo doesn't work

9 Mar 2011, 1:52 AM

I am implementing a portal using Ext.ux.Portlet.
The portlets should fit exactly into the browser, they shouldn't overflow and they also shouldn't be smaller than the available height of the browser.
Thus, I tried to set the height for the portlets after throwing the ondrop event. For any reason I cant' set the height of the portlet that gets dropped. But I can change the height for the portlets I didn't drop.
While dropping the portlet's height is '0', after dropping it has any value but not the value I was trying to set.

Does anybody know why I can't change the height of a portlet or how I could fix it?
Thanks a lot

9 Mar 2011, 3:57 AM
are you saying somePortlet.setHeight(200) does not work?

9 Mar 2011, 4:37 AM
are you saying somePortlet.setHeight(200) does not work?

Yes that's what I meant.

But after trying a while I figured out that it is like this:

I have a portlet with 2 columns. Each column contains 1 portlet.
Then I drop one portlet so that I got 2 portlets in the first column and 0 portlets in the second column.
Now I switch one portlet back into the second column, so that each column contains 1 portlet again.
I set heigh tto 200 for both portlets. Now, the portlet I dropped has the height of 200px (without the title). The portlet that wasn't dropped has a height of 177px (with title = 200).

portal.on('drop', onDrop);

function onDrop() {

I am wondering that the panels do not have the same height.