View Full Version : Dynamically refresh piece of UI?

8 Mar 2011, 11:18 AM

I'm trying to build the entire UI through js and would like to select some items and have the lower piece of the UI refresh displaying the proper data. For instance if I have a drop down menu with breakfast, lunch, and dinner, I'd want to display the proper menu without reloading the page. I'm new to ext and js but I'm starting to grasp it, so bear with me..

Do I need to link my items? or create a panel with multiple items and have on render to the other? Can someone point me to an example?

Here is my original idea; my panel will have two items (drop down and a new panel) and on select I'll call a function to remove everything (removeAll() function?) from the food menu panel and then populate it with the data corresponding to the selection. Will this concept work?

Also I think I saw this in one of the tutorials but a render call or something like that to complete the transform?

Thanks for the help!!