View Full Version : Header Alignment/Size Issue on Re-Rendering Grid

3 Mar 2011, 1:36 AM
I have this issue in firefox and more than likely IE but I am not concerned with IE for the time being. Although it works fine in Chrome.

I have a button on my toolbar that reloads the store with new data, essentially reseting the spreadsheet to be blank. In Chrome it works perfectly, but in firefox the headers all loose correct widths alignment.

One of the changes I made when making my project was the way in which the grid is rendered. Now all the styles and widths etc are controled from the DIV inside the grid TD cell. What is happening for me when I reset the grid is that the header cells TD's are being resized to 100px which would be correct except the DIV inside is 100px with 3px padding, therefore for everything to align correctly the TD should take this padding into account at make the width 106px; rather than 100px;

This works exactly the same on the body cells and works fine, its just the header cells. Any idea where I should look or what I should do to correct this? I think its a case of the TD not taking the inner DIV's padding into account when it sets its own width.