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2 Mar 2011, 2:25 AM
Hi there,

I have a couple of questions, which I could not find answers to:
249401) top and bottom toolbar: Is there a standard way to meet the basic look and feel of iPad? How can I set the style to meet the design in the picture. All I found is 'light' and 'dark'. Are there more or do I have to set this in my css file?

2) Buttons: The buttons have to hold the button text, the text what was selected and a ">" sign. I can put all the information in standard buttons, but they are always centered. Plus the top and bottom button should have round corners towards the outside. Do you think it is best to go with buttons or with lists? Any other way to solve this? Is it possible to wrap a list in a div, which has round borders?

3) Two parts, one scrollabel: To make the top part scrollable I guess I habe to add two docks ("hbox")? Or are there any other ideas, which I could follow?

4) How do I add the Headers between the buttons. I know how to add a button, but how do I add simple text? How do I set the HTML block in between the buttons?

5) How can I add the ON/OFF button into a list?

Best Kurt

2 Mar 2011, 1:31 PM
1/ look to scss you have video tutorial on vimeo, search "sencha touch" you Will find a video structuring tour app
3/ i think so, try vbox( you have tutorial on vimeo call layout)
5/ and 2/ with html but i don't no how mix with button , perhaps you can use the same class in your html like on/off button
I hope it will help you

8 Mar 2011, 2:29 PM
Helped a lot. Thanks for hinting me in the right direction.