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25 Feb 2011, 4:09 AM
I have been rewriting sections of the gridpanel, so it follows a slightly different template, which I need for my spreadsheet project I am working on.

I seem to be having an issue with commit() record. When I edit a cell and commit the record, to start with the dirty flag stays on which I think I may know what causes that.

The idea that I am trying to achieve, is that all cell styles and formatting etc are applied using class names. When you commit() a record then it will fire the refreshRow method in the gridview.

I have added my own code to extract the classes upon each cell before the commit, pass those style classes back into the template so that it should show again once refreshed.

Alot of this works but the issue I am having is that if I resize the width of a column and then enter some data, it breaks.
If I try and apply style to a cell on a row that has just been commited the inner div from the td of that cell is undefined in the dom. The div with class = 'x-spreadsheet-inner-cell' I cannot get the dom to add or remove classes.

I dont know why the DOM is being rendered for this div, because when I try and retieve any cell's element from that row, I cannot get the element.

Any ideas? I know you cant give me an exact solution without source code or screenshots, examples etc. But has anyone come across a similar situation?

25 Feb 2011, 8:17 AM
May be I'm wrong but, because I'm not sure to understanding all your post
but I think that you must know :

when you change dataRecord by record.set by example...
extjs create a new row with new values and remove old row.

I hope that this info could helping you