View Full Version : loading a store with multiple DWR proxy calls?

21 Feb 2011, 5:49 PM
First time posting to a forum, usually I can find what I need just by scouring over existing threads but I'm coming up empty this time.

I'm using a dwr proxy (Ext.data.DWRProxy) to call a java method to load data from a database into my store. When all I want to do is use one java method to load data everything works great, but I'm wondering if I can use two java methods to load data to the same store?

For example, let's say:
I have a combo box that I would like to populate with (1) types of food categories (ie: fruit, vegetables, meat etc) and (2) food items (ie: apples, oranges, broccoli, steak etc.) This combo box will only be searched (that is: the drop down button is disabled and 'editable' is true, so the only way to see options is to type the first few letters of the display field). (I don't need any hierarchically organization.)
If a user typed "fruit" into the combo box, I would want two options to appear:
- Fruit (18 items)
- Grapefruit

I have two java methods: one to query the database for food types and one for food items. (ex: FoodTypeController.getTypes( queryString ) & FoodItemController.getItems( queryString ))
Is there a way to get my store to call both methods?
Or can someone point me where to look?

Please let me know if this was unclear or incomplete! Thanks in advance!!