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17 Feb 2011, 10:30 AM
Trying to figure out how to set the "source" of the tooltip from ASP.NET code behind. How do I set the ContentEl (or which ever property it is) so that the actual tooltip information that pops-up is more dynamic.

If you are going to give me a code sample PLEASE make it as simple as possbile, I've very new to ExtJs and still learning

3 Mar 2011, 4:48 AM
My original problem is using custom controls that contain a asp:GridView and adding a unique tooltip to each row and the source of the tooltip is parsed out of a separate html. The parent page can have many of the child custom controls.

So, I solved this problem by
1) On the parent page I called each external html page and parsed out the wanted html mark up and store it n session.
2) On each child control on the after binding the gridview I handled the rowdatabound event. Instanciated a stringbuilder in the "header" row that contained the<script...> the path to the s.gif and the Ext.onReady....
3) On each "data" row I build a string that had the "new Ext.ToolTip adding in the control name and it's target. One thing I forgot to mention above is of course there are always master pages which mess with the control names.
4) on the "Footer" row I add the final closing </script>.. junk and emit the javascript out to the page.
5) On the apcx page (each control has it's own set) has div tags that enclose a Literal control which is where I stuff the html for the hover over.