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16 Feb 2011, 1:02 PM
hi team,

it's a bit sad that all the examples use the ext js 3 - default theme (only slight changes).
we have a folder:

resources / themes / images / default

which contains lots of images, no other folder for other themes.
Do we need to create those images for new themes as well for non css3 fallback or are they auto-generated? quite a difference regarding creating new themes.

i remember from the conf. the statement, that ext4 would need almost no more images...

in resources / css we have ext.css and ext4.css.
if i include the ext4.css instead the other one, nothing gets rendered properly anymore.

best regards and hoping for more information

16 Feb 2011, 1:38 PM
Ill just copy paste my reply from the blog cause I'm lazy ;)

For those wondering what happened to the theme they saw at the conference, our first priority is to get all the components into a correct visual state by porting the Ext 3.3 theme into the new theming system. Note that all rounded corners and images used for framing etc are actually generated by our theming system. This means that for example the tabs you are seeing in IE are actually automatically generated based of CSS gradients and border-radius properties. None of them have actually been copied over from Ext 3. Once we get the 3.3 theme into a solid state we can look at implementing different themes using the new awesome SASS based theming system we have in place now.

16 Feb 2011, 1:50 PM
Hi Tommy,

thanks for the reply! Being lazy after a release is ok :P

Ok, good to know the images won't be permanent (really got panic about it).

I am hoping to see one of the new themes soon, it is much more motivation to build an ext 4 app that looks like one.

Best regards