View Full Version : History combobox bug

5 Sep 2007, 9:32 AM
Sorry if this is the wrong forum, but this is more of a bug with with a UX rather than extjs.

The history box should not auto select the first record in its store

Attached is a screenshot of an example.

As you can see, I originally typed "searchh" Ooops, I miss typed that, so I try to type just "search", now historycomobobox see's the previously misspelled record in its store and auto selects its. So there is no way I can make a search just the word "search".

Hope that makes sense?

5 Sep 2007, 10:20 AM
This is sort of a known problem.

The workaround at this moment is to press 'escape' after typing, this will disable the history for that query.

For any Ext developer that is reading this thread, i could not find a way to disable this behaivure in the Combobox code. Is there a (easy) way to work around this ? so that the first hit in the store's filter query is not selected automaticly ?