View Full Version : Render Ext.form.FormPanel into a div and encounter this error: htmlfile: Unknown run

13 Feb 2011, 10:59 PM
Dear Sir,
I had a problem to render a Ext.form.FormPanel (contain/new multiple customized panels, inside an Ext.TabPanel) into a div: <div id="exportPanelNewId" class="exportPanel" style="width: 745px; height: 650px">.
(1) I get this error: htmlfile: Unknown runtime error; ===> ext-all-debug.js: #409; el.innerHTML = createHtml(o); I could not figure out why and how to overcome this problem.
(2) If I change the Ext.form.FormPanel into a Ext.Panel (with layout: 'form') and the same code to rendcer this panel into the above division successfully. I read one of you topic: a Panel with layout form === FormPanel. But, when I submit the form fields, the Panel+layout (form) does not send out the form fields automatically. So, I have to use the FormPanel directly.
(3) The reason I have to use the FormPanel is that I wnat to use the FormPanel to submit the form fields automatically. (It seems Panel does not have this capability) I do not want to manually get the results of each form field (many fields) to the server.
(4) I use Extjs 3.0 version.
(5) This problem happened for IE8 and Firefox.
(6) The same FormPanel and TabPanel rendered into a Ext.Window and it is loaded and I can also submit the form fields successfully.

If anyone one has any hints or suggestion, please advise me and I will much appreciate.

14 Feb 2011, 3:04 PM
Finally, I figure out: the very outside container is a html form. I can not have another FormPanel inside the from. I was told that I can use the "contentEl" (inside the outside form) to point to my Ext.FormPanel. Is this feasible ? Please advise me. Thanks.