View Full Version : Selenium IDE ExtJS Multiple Dropdown

10 Feb 2011, 11:09 AM
Hi All,
Thanks in advanced for looking into the issue. I have a extjs page with multiple drop downs and you'd have to click on the image icon so see the dropdown list.

This is the code below will select the image for the drop down list in Selenium IDE

//img[contains(@class, 'x-form-trigger x-form-arrow-trigger')]

after the image icon is pressed below is the code to select the item for from the drop down

//div[contains(@class, 'x-combo-list-inner')]/descendant::div[contains(@class, 'x-combo-list-item')][text()='Staff'][1]

the issue is the //img class "x-form-trigger x-form-arrow-trigger" has the same class names for all the dropdowns on the page.

How would you select multiple dropdown list? if you select one drop down the others can't be selected because the img class name is the same for all the select drop downs.

19 Apr 2011, 2:18 AM
//div[@class='x-layer x-editor x-small-editor x-grid-editor'][2]/div[contains(@class,'x-form-field-wrap')]/parent::*//img

In the above xpath [2] represents which column you are presently.
I guess this could help u.