View Full Version : problems with column datefield

10 Feb 2011, 5:42 AM

I have a editorGridPanel with a date column:

xtype: 'datecolumn',
dataIndex: 'acomp_data',
header: 'Data',
format: 'd/m/Y',
sortable: true,
width: 100,
editor: {
xtype: 'datefield'

when I post data the date is saved right.
when I get the data, wich comes in the format: 2011-03-25 (YYYY-MM-DD), the grid shows: 24/03/2011 only when not in editor mode, after I double click the cell, the data displayed is: 25/03/2001.

Im getting crazy.

I appreciate any help with this, sorry my poor english and thanks.