View Full Version : Event bubbling from Panel to Container

2 Feb 2011, 1:18 PM

This is probably more of a newbie question than I'd like to admit - I have a background of Titanium, jQTouch and now my first steps in Sencha - but hitting this brick wall forced me to ask anyway :-)

I would like to have the following behaviour:
I have a layout on the iPad with several items (text, images, ...) which all have their own events (images should show an overlayed larger version of themselves, etc.). There are several "screens" so I have them set up in several Panels grouped in a Container element.
Now I want to duplicate the behaviour of iBooks' menu, meaning that if you click anywhere on the page where there is no specific handler assigned, the menu shows / hides. I have done this before in Titanium as well as JQTouch, however in Sencha I can't seem to get it to work. I have to assign an event handler to all individual panels through using:

// work some magic!
// do that same magic

Is there a way to catch the event on the container element or do I need to make a custom class for this?
It's such a pity the event doesn't seem to be bubbling up!