View Full Version : retreiving selected text doesnt work in htmlEditor for chrome and safari browser

1 Feb 2011, 6:04 AM

Please help me in the following issue

I am trying to get selected text in htmlEditor for chrome as well as safari browser.
I used following functions
this.editor.doc.getselection() which gives me just a plain text..I want html text..

For IE
this.editor.doc.selection.createRange().htmlText; which gives html text
but it will not work in non IE browser(chrome as well as safari).

So how to retreive selected test in chrome and safary for htmlEditor.

Please reert me back if anyone has pointer on this.

Thank You.

1 Feb 2011, 6:12 AM
You can find the cross-browser implementation here (http://www.sencha.com/forum/showthread.php?78424-Ext.Element-should-standardize-Selection-range).

1 Feb 2011, 6:26 AM
Hi Conder,
is there any ext js built in library function for chrome browser for retrieving selected text in htmlEditor....

1 Feb 2011, 6:31 AM
No, that's why the link I posted was a feature request.

1 Feb 2011, 8:29 PM
Thank You:)

11 May 2012, 4:45 AM
can help me
I use number list in HtmlEditor its work on Firefox, and creating problem with other browser like Chrome ,Safari,IE .