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31 Jan 2011, 5:27 PM
Please forgive my ignorance - I am not a developer but our developer has raised an issue with EXT JS which I am not sure is valid.

We have forms that have up to 15 tabs and we can have up to 5 tabs within each of those tabs. Each tab can have grids, formfields, etc. Our developer suggests that when the form is loaded, all the tabs are immediately rendered which causes the form to have over 2000 lines and so creates technical issues with pointers, RAM, performance etc.

He also suggested that each tab can't be written to the DB by itself - only all tabs at once. Same for error handling on tabs.

Is there a way to only render a tab when it is selected and so reduce the technical "overload" (and to handle DB writes and errors on a per tab basis. This would also have to work where the user navigates from one tab to another so that no data entered on a tab is lost.

Thanks for the help !!!

2 Feb 2011, 4:40 AM
deferredRender might be an option. The Tab will only become active & rendered when the user clicks on it. Make sure that you are not using activeTab in combination with deferredRender


2 Feb 2011, 4:53 AM
Indeed, use deferredRender:true and make each tab item a FormPanel instead of putting the entire TabPanel inside a single FormPanel.