View Full Version : collapsible autohide

30 Jan 2011, 9:10 PM
Suddenly I'm experiencing autohide behavior of simple FormPanel, although I didn't set any of the additional parameters to it:

allowPersonPeriodicSelect: false,
ownerWindowWizardPanel: null,
autoScroll: false,
bodyBorder: false,
border: false,
buttonAlign: 'left',
frame: false,
height: 250,
collapsible: true,
collapsed: false,
floatable: false,
titleCollapse: false,
title: '<div>???????</div>',
plugins: [ Ext.ux.PanelCollapsedTitle ],
autoHide: false,

When I click collapse button, title bar changes, so that no button expand available.
And autohides, but WHY???