View Full Version : Measuring Performance With Ext Js 3.2.1 and IE 7- What's going on?

26 Jan 2011, 6:29 AM
I'm sure someone has asked before. I've spent countless hours in the last few days trying to figure out why my editor grid becomes unusable in IE7. It's got 40 columns and 20 rows, and reconfigures the column model when the store is loaded. There's lots of rendering and data being passed, but even if I cache the XHR from the server and give the browser plenty of time to load, row selection, cell edits, and grid navigation all slow to a crawl. I don't mind the initial load and render time, but I fail to understand two important pieces.

1. How do I isolate/discern where the browser is spending all of it's time?

2. What's causing my grid to be so unresponsive (scrolling the grid lags, editting a cell lags, selecting a row lags, anything but clicking away out to another page is just slow and laggy.) in IE7? I mean, tell me what is is. Is it dom-based selections on the grid's rows and cells that's causing IE to slow down? Is there some event/counter that's waking up and evaluating every cell for something?

Losing hope...

26 Jan 2011, 12:22 PM