View Full Version : Scrolling in Increments & zIndex Issue

24 Jan 2011, 7:33 AM
I have the basics of a spreadsheet grid, from which I have modified the GridPanel to achieve. I have 2 problems at the moment which I was wondering if anyone has encountered before and had any success with.

I want to scroll in incremements, the increment being the width of each column. I was wondering how this is possible due to the fact I have seen it in practise at Cubedrive.com/spreadsheet
I also have been implementing a excel style border, that highlights the cells that are selected. This is done by rendering a layer above the grid, which gets its dimentions and position based upon the cells selected. The issue is that because I have to render it above the grid, I cant select the cells underneath the film when I try and drag the selection over a currently selected area (e.g. resizing it smaller). How can I overcome this problem?