View Full Version : Ext.Window and JQuery Fancybox

21 Jan 2011, 10:49 AM
Currently I use fancybox as a way to view different content on our site, such as picture galleries or youtube videos. Moving forward into more complex apps written in Extjs, it would be nice to have the same functionality without creating a frankenstien mash of Extjs and JQuery. The biggest issue is creating a paging gallery modal. With fancybox, I just reference an object of image urls along with their title, and then by clicking a link, a modal pops up that allows you to page through images without leaving the modal. It will show the title below the image and how many images are in the gallery. Is there an easy way to accomplish this with Ext.Window, such as using fancybox to extend the Ext.Window, or are am I stuck with using just Fancybox.