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21 Jan 2011, 6:25 AM
I have windows being dynamically created in a viewport (center) where the scripts (as panels) are downloaded from the server upon request, eval'd, then instantiated within a window constrained to the center portion of the viewport. On automatic resizing (not user resize, but say paging adjustments), the shadow of the window does not follow. Normally I would think that the viewport region is responsible for this, but I cannot seem to figure out a way to get that event to fire. I have tried manually creating custom events, used syncShadow(), etc. Right now I just have shadows turned off, but turned them back on to get this screen shot ->


Any opinions help. BTW, please don't ask me to submit code, there is WAY to much to submit for this. I am just looking for opinions on strategies to fix this.

21 Jan 2011, 9:18 PM
you see ? you try to impose to people to give you solutions without code... You wait for opinions... And there are exactly none... Be cool man ! :-)
So, my first opinion, without seeing your code is to see if you correctly point to the blank image.... Something like this :

<script type="text/javascript">
see on firebug if you load it...
Generally, I dream more than the others... So... I imagine... :-) But, without code there are 90% that this still only a dream... :-)

22 Jan 2011, 8:24 AM
For autoHeight:true windows, Ext isn't notified when the window height changes due to one of the inner components resizing. You will indeed manually have to call syncShadow every time this happens (e.g. by calling it from expand/collapse handlers etc.).

To avoid this I recommend creating fixed height windows and configuring your layout so the inner components get resized to fill the available space.

22 Jan 2011, 10:11 AM
Thanks Condor. The reasoning is what we thought. Actually working on the missing communications bus Ext seems to be lacking, so will try to be integrating that patch there. I have also noticed this issue on their demo pages. Thought it was me at first. So did my boss. lol.

For valititi: I have extended nearly every view/store/layout/etc class in the sencha lib and have extended those extensions even further multiple times to create fully custom objects that a 200 level cs student could even code. I even have overwritten Ext.extend so it can use multiple parents for inheritance and integrated my core objects at the lowest levels of the code. You really want to see all of that so you can "trace my error"???