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19 Jan 2011, 11:53 PM
Hi all,

I try to implement an actioncolumn in my grid with :

columns: [{
id: 'widget_id',
header: 'Identifiant du widget',
width: 100,
sortable: true,
dataIndex: 'widget_id'
id: 'text',
header: 'Nom du widget',
width: 200,
sortable: true,
dataIndex: 'text'
xtype: 'actioncolumn',
header: 'action',
dataIndex: 'widget_id',
width: 60,
items: [{
getClass: function(value, metaData, record) {
/*handler: function(grid, rowIndex, colIndex) {
var record = grid.getStore().getAt(rowIndex);

scope: this
}],console.log(value) display (an empty string) when my store contains a string value. Here my Store:

Thanks for your help.

3 Mar 2011, 4:59 AM
Up !