View Full Version : Drag&drop hbox layout panels

16 Jan 2011, 6:26 AM

I have framed panels on a page. Some of them are in hbox layout, and others contains text as you see on the following image:
I have to drag and drop all of these items, so the whole columns (title+body), the container of the two columns, the panels containing text etc...

I have serious problems with that. I made drag and drop zones, and registered the items, but I didn't find out how to drag/drop the container of the column which have hbox layout, and how to drag/drop the title and the body of the columns simultaneously.

With the hbox I tried so, but nothing happened:

With the columns:

Ext.dd.Registry.register(columnPanel.layout.container.body.dom); //body
Ext.dd.Registry.register(columnPanel.header.dom); //title
I can drag the body and the title, but not simultan, and I can't drag the text of the title, just the box around it.

With the text this worked:

And I can't drag the border (frame) on any items. :S

Can anybody help me?

(If you can solve this problem with similar view, then it's good for me too. I'm using hbox layout, because the columns have a relative size like the flex number. Oszlop_30, has flex: 3.0, oszlop_20 has flex: 2.0 and oszlop_10 has flex: 1.0. I tried to make this with simple html, but I had lot of problems with counting the container width from columns padding,margin and border pixels. I tried to do this with float: left...)