View Full Version : IE 7 rendering issues

11 Jan 2011, 2:32 AM
Afternoon all,

I got so stress out about this problem. :(( got stuck to trick the rendering issues..
I just want to adding component or ext js control (ex : textfield,trigger) to a panel. Its works fine only if the width of the panel is greater than width total of the component that i added.

i tried in every browser : Chrome, FireFox, Opera, Safari, IE 6, IE 8
Its render will be messed up only in IE 7..

In my first problem post.. i attach file Mainpage.js ..
using this works perfect, because of the amount of its columns not many..
but if u copy the other attachment file : ChangeMethod.txt, then replace the exact same Method/Function called:GetColumnStoreLocal() , go to method RunRender then change :
var panelDetWidth = 1000 , Finally u'll see the mess up..

Any Suggestion or help will be great for me... i've tried hbox layout but it seem not rigth either..