View Full Version : Grid reload with paging not working

6 Jan 2011, 10:40 AM

In grid store I have configured autoload params for paging start & limit.
plus I have configured 2 baseParams using set baseparams method say A & B.

On button click I want to send start & limit prameteres + params A & B (In button handler params value A & B might change so I want to override earlier params)and plus 2 params C & D.

when I use ajax request I'm not able to get pagenation params.
so I tried grid reload method using lastOptions.Its appending 6 params with the request but grid reload is not working properly...In the sense is no data comes from server instead of showing empty grid it shows data using parametres A & B whose values are set using set baseParams method outside button handler.

Is there any other way to this....any pointers will be helpful.