View Full Version : RateCred - Rate places, earn credit w/ Sencha

3 Jan 2011, 9:46 PM
Hello Sencha Peoples!

Really excited to be working with sencha, and would love some feedback from the community on ways to improve the Sencha Touch version of our application.


RateCred is the social game that lets you rate any place and then share with your friends using Twitter to earn cred and offers. We recognize that your opinion is valuable, so why shouldnt you recieve recognition for your expertise? That's why leaders in the game get special awards and recognition for being a thought leader, what we call "cred". RateCred makes it easy to share opinions about your likes and dislikes for any place you go. If you have a Twitter account you already are signed up for RateCred.

Our application is currently available for free on android market, the Sencha Touch effort is intended to at least provide iPhone support and at best to converge our mobile client platform.

Any advice, critique, or comments are greatly appreciated.

Clay Graham
RateCred.com (http://ratecred.com)