View Full Version : Showing/Hiding Panels and Button Issue

31 Dec 2010, 3:12 AM
For a project I am currently working on I am making a window that can render a chart by right clicking on a grid on the page, choosing what chart is needed and choosing which grid columns to use as which axis. The fixed axis (category) can be chosen from a combo box and the variable axis (values) can be selected from a multiselectable grid so you can have a mutliple lines/bars on the chart.

My problem is that when I select a chart from the list for the first time, no button is displayed at the bottom to render the chart, but when I select any chart second, then the button then appears?

Also I can only render the options to render each chart once. I have 4 charts (pie, column, bar and line) I can select all of them once, but when I select them again it wont change the panel that contains the options and button.

Any ideas?

31 Dec 2010, 4:12 AM
(Just a guess) I've had issues with components that are initially hidden and then displayed on demand. Adding the property of hideMode:'offsets' corrected the issue.