View Full Version : Call the pre-configured class from within the class itself,does it make sense ?

21 Dec 2010, 2:49 PM

I have a question concerning where my handling/logic is best suited if i want to "release the formpanel" from a ordinary tabpanel into a movable window (where the formpanel is included...so basically i "render it" once again). The formpanel has a a grid item and a tbar. On the tbar i put a button with a handler which creates a "external" window with an xtype,the same as the class itself. However,only the tbar shows up in the run-time created window.

I haven't assigned any hard-coded id's to none of the items within the class. I have put some variables inside the initialconfig,included the grid itself, and them made an config to the formpanel.

What can it be? why am i not seeing the grid within the window but just the one created in the tabpanel. This way of doing it doesn't seems very re-usable =)