View Full Version : Performing Action on Combo Box items in a Ext JS Grid

21 Dec 2010, 8:02 AM
Here is the scenario:

We are using a EXT JS Grid that contains several columns. We have labeled one column as 'Action.' Under the 'Action' column for each record we are displaying a HTML combo box. The objective of the combo box is to be able to perform certain actions on the corresponding record (i.e. Edit, Delete, and etc.) The actions I have mentioned such as Edit and Delete are pretty self-explanatory. When the user clicks the 'Delete' button it shall display a message box confirming the removal of the record. When the user clicks the 'Edit' button it should navigate the user to the 'Edit' page.

I am being told this is not possible with using EXT JS Grid type. Is this true? If it is true what is the possible work around? If this is not true, can someone please provide some guidance as how this can be achieved.

I would like to thank the community here in advance for your help.

Thank you,