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16 Dec 2010, 9:00 PM
I have a viewport with the following tab in it (among others):

var reportsTab = {
title:'Reports', tbar:reportsToolbar, layout: 'fit', autoScroll:true, id:'reportstab',
items:[{xtype:'panel', title:'xxxxxxxxxxxx', html:'', id:'report'}]

I have a report comprising 5 templates that I would like to apply to the html of the reportsTab panel (id='report').

I know I can put one tmp.apply(['data']) directly in the html: declaration and it will work. But how can I get all 5 to apply?

As a 2nd question. How can I get the element associated with this panel ('report')?

I tried using getEl() and get but to no avail (results in a null or an undefined value).