View Full Version : FormPanel visual problems when going from 3.1 to 3.3.1

14 Dec 2010, 3:06 PM
This might be easy for some, but I am not sure why the elements style and attributes are changing so much between versions.

For example the following WILL work under ExtJS3.1, but WILL NOT work under ExtJS 3.3.1. Meaning that the actual form widht doesn't auto fit the container it is inherting or sittig in. Where it used to prior.

this.noteForm = new Ext.form.FormPanel({
labelWidth: 75,
frame: true,
items: [{
xtype: 'fieldset',
title: 'Note Details',
border: false,
items: [{
xtype: 'datefield',
fieldLabel: 'DDR Date',
name: 'ddrDate',
editable: false,
format: 'd/m/Y',
value: new Date,
width: 95
xtype: 'combo',
fieldLabel: 'Note Type',
store: this.store,
editable: false,
width: 200,
triggerAction: 'all',
emptyText:'Select a Note...',
valueField: 'notetype',
hiddenName: 'notetype',
msgTarget: 'under',
allowBlank: false

xtype: 'textarea',
fieldLabel: 'Note Text',
name: 'noteText',
width: 290,
height: 150,



Also the textArea seems to be missing the last few pixels of the element, I have two questions.

Why is this not just a plug in and away you go, why is it that each version I try this in I am having to modify the code to get it to work each and every time? What happened to making things backward compatible? I understand the change from 1.1 to 2.0 as it was a huge rework on the framework. But to go from 3.1 to 3.3.1 and find that the same code needs further tweaking again is really beginning to annoy me.

14 Dec 2010, 4:47 PM
I thought I would also post some images to help explain this problem some.

As you can see by the image notes1, it looks almost fine. The scroll bars at the top are wrong, in ExtJS3.1 I would only get the vertical scroll bars as I should, so I am not sure how or why this is now happening. But if anyone can help getting rid of the horizontal ones please, I have spent more time than one really should have to here.

In the bottom section the form doesn't seem to resize the outer containers like it used to either. As you can see by the result in the second image.

I have convinced my boss to start using ExtJS more, however he is very concerned that we are spending to much time migrating these changes from one version to another. And I will have to agree with him, we should not be having to do this for each and every release that gets released.

If we are to spend this much money on 10-15 licenses we need to know that this is something that will be addressed, and we will not have to reprogram fix and fiddle with the styles to get it to work again when a new release is put out into the wild.