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13 Dec 2010, 5:19 AM
My user interface is the same with http://dev.extjs.com/deploy/dev/examples/layout/complex.html

I need to show a grid where the 'south panel' supposed to be.(it will open and close optionally). Can I embed a grid in this panel or is there another way to have a grid which is collapsible from the bottom?

13 Dec 2010, 5:22 AM
A GridPanel IS a panel, so you can use it as the south region directly.

13 Dec 2010, 5:32 AM
I actually tried it but I have a function "function showMyGrid(editable)" which returns a grid.

items: [showMyGrid(true), .. ] //opens the grid in the centre of the page(there grid region is south)


items: [new Ext.Panel({ }), .. ] //works fine in the south

13 Dec 2010, 5:55 AM
now it's ok. thank you Condor.