View Full Version : Create an area for downloading Ext.ux source.

26 Aug 2007, 4:38 PM
There are a lot of extensions, but how do you download them? There is no zip file which downloads the source and the example, it would be nice to better structure this area so people can easily download and use the extensions to ExtJS. I want to create a GWT-ExtUx widget extension for GWT, but I can't do this without the source to download.

Thank you,

Richard L. Burton III

P.S. Keep up the excellent work guys! That means *everyone* who helps with ExtJs!

26 Aug 2007, 4:45 PM
Although this means more work for us Ext.ux maintainers (also update files in the download area) i'm still +1 on this.

Since most of us host our own extensions some might disappear after a while when somebody stops maintaining there site or something happens to the server for example. Some sort of central place for the files (code and demo/example) might be usefull, in case we end up with several wiki pages which have unaccessible demo and download site's. Possibly keep this optional...

I'm thinking; Can this be done by the Wiki ? That is we upload zip and/or tarballs to our Ext.UX pages and the Wiki makes a pretty index page of all those uploads ?

That would create a central download place, is not a burden on the ext webteam and will keep upload optional for Ext.ux creators.