View Full Version : Form fields supporting difference highlighting of current and origin value

3 Dec 2010, 5:51 AM
Hi Folks,
in a customer szenario, i have a app to save different versions of a dataset.
Loading such a version needs to visualize fields which values have changed (and also show the original value).

The current solution visualizes each field twice via fieldsets beside each other.
One field with the original value is readonly and the editable current one highlights the background, if values are different.

I think, such a szenario could also be done with an extension/plugin for form fields, that natively adds such a support, meaning a originValue Property to automatically hightlight differences and also showing the original value beside the field (like the Ext.ux.FieldHelp plugin similar to validation error message under the field).

So this functionality would be available for all kind of form field like combos, textfield, etc.

Did someone do something similar?

I am also not sure, which way is the best to visualize such delta information.
A reset button would also be very useful to restore the original value.

Since i am using the Ext Designer more and more, a solution that easily adds to given ui design would make the solution perfect, that means adding such functionality without touching UI classes.

Maybe some usability gurus have found a nice solution of implementing such a need.

I would be glag, if someone will share his knowledge concerning his ideas or solution.

Best wishes,