View Full Version : Bookmarkable URLs of subviews

23 Nov 2010, 4:45 AM

the basic question is, if an ExtJS application is meant to be one closed application where the application cares about the navigation of subviews inside or can the application as well be designed as a collection of individual pages which are connected by links via their individual URL but still having a common menu frame outside?

More specific, if I have a tab panel which in turn contains a number of sub panels, maybe even more tabs - is it possible to bookmark an individual subview and how would someone do it?
Because what I have done so far is putting individual panels in sub folders (designed with the Ext Designer) and then a main frame view which puts all together in a tab panel. All I can imagine so far is having self defined parameters (e.g. groupID and tabID) and then have some code in the index.jsp which calls the right JavaScript files and selects the right tabs by using the parameters.
What I would prefer is what I know from the JSF world, that I have a context in which my view exists and which is reflected in the URL and can be bookmarked. So, how would one do it with ExtJS?


23 Nov 2010, 4:57 AM
Have a look at the History example in the SDK.