View Full Version : [SOLVED] - Grid - Loading Indicator Not Showing - loadMask: true

19 Nov 2010, 6:14 AM
Hello All,

I have several grids, and the store is configured with the loadMask:true. When I load the grid stores, I don't see the loading indicator!

I believe I've seen a thread about this its relative to how I load the store. Here is an example of how I load the store when I do not see the loading indicator.

Just to clarify what is being done:
1- I'm adding an xtype (grid) to a tab panel
2- Change the baseParams as this xtype is used in different ways
3- Load the store with some parameters

Ext.getCmp('oriappview').findById('inventory-mgmt-tabpanel').add({xtype:'inventory-grid',title:'All Hardware',id:'inventory-grid-inv'});
Ext.getCmp('inventory-grid-inv').store.setBaseParam('p_request', 'APPLICATION_PROCESS=LOOKUP_INVENTORY_CUST');
Ext.getCmp('inventory-grid-inv').store.load({params: {x01:'',x02: 0,x03: 50}});

Thanks for any Assistance in this matter.


19 Nov 2010, 7:26 AM

Forced a 600 milisecond defer.

Ext.getCmp('inventory-grid-inv').store.load.defer(600,store,[{params: {x01:'', x02:0, x03:50}}]);