View Full Version : Combobox values not selectable in IE6

19 Nov 2010, 5:55 AM
Site works fine in almost every browser but IE6 is giving us serious problems where comboboxes are concerned. Clicking on the combo box shows the values selectable but clicking on a value generates an error 'Ext.fly(....)' is null or not an object (line 5060 in ext-all-debug.js show below). The combo list remains open at this point.

getTarget : function(selector, maxDepth, returnEl)
return selector ? Ext.fly(this.target).findParent(selector, maxDepth, returnEl) : (returnEl ? Ext.get(this.target) : this.target);

I've taken the code down to the simplest combo so there's very little else i can remove. All other browser are fine... just not IE6 :( Only other thing maybe worth mentioning is that the item IS selectable if you tab into it then use the cursors to navigate and Return to select)

Any help much appreciated!

24 Nov 2010, 3:37 AM
hi all, issues was solved... i rattled the problem down to a css width attribute being set to 100%... pulling it down to 98% solved the issue so I guess its related to some random IE6 box model/padding issue.