View Full Version : the problem about fast the EXT Component render process

18 Nov 2010, 6:46 PM
i'm working on reducing the time of opening page with EXTJS recently. i follow the clues like compress JS combine JS.these really work.but i found there is still huge problem at page initialization.no matter source of page cached or not,there is a blank-show on the browser for almost more than 1S before the content appear. So i found it's the problem of JS execution.I wonder is there a way to render EXT Component fast,i found the page content show with all components rendered.If render components one by one,maybe the blank-show would disappear.
now it's totally a mess for me. if u get some opinions.plz HELP ME and PLZ be specific....if this thread hass discussed at other place,PLZ URL...thank u very much:))