View Full Version : Easing Editor/General timeline editor idea

17 Nov 2010, 11:37 AM
Thats mockup of easing editor. Little white arrows would load different profiles, like 'Exponential', 'Ease-Out' or show 'Custom' if any changes are made. I think such editor could be also good for editing envelopes of parameters, in a way it works in audio software or After Effects.

http://s1.postimage.org/2xscgan7o/mockup_ease_edit_01.jpg (http://postimage.org/image/2xscgan7o/)

24 Jun 2011, 2:20 PM
Thanks for your input, this mockup rocks! We are looking to do something to make custom easing easier, this might be a good way to go about it. Right now we're looking at a bunch of other things (Animator is still very green, we're still working on the fundamentals and it takes time) but we will keep this one in mind.

If you have more of this kind of stuff, send them over!