View Full Version : 2 stores but just 1 loads in IE

17 Nov 2010, 2:33 AM
Hi Everybody. I do not know if it is a bug or a mistake. I have a viewport with a treepanel on the left and a tab in the center with a editorgrid. over the grid I have a navbar with a combo. When I change my combo I call a function to load the tree new and to load the grid new. In Firefox everything works perfect but on IE (what we use unfortunately in our company) just the tree loads again.

Did anyone of you have such a problem before and knows a solution? I read something in in ExtJS in Action that Firefox works tropdown the DOM and IE uses bubbling but it did not help me to find a solution.(:|

It looks like something happens when i click the root of the treepanel ...like it can't find the store of the grid anymore

17 Nov 2010, 9:34 AM
A code sample would be most helpful...